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Stop Look Care Booklet and Project

The Stop Look Care booklet has been designed to support Care Workers / Carers who working across Health and Social Care. It will support Care Workers / Carers to feel confident that they have reached the right level to provide the care they are giving. Alternatively it can be used as a reference guide for families and personal assistants to promote awareness of certain needs and encourage a referral if concerns are identified.

Care workers and Carers are in the ideal position to identify changes in a person’s condition by monitoring them and/or recognising any deterioration in a person’s wellbeing.  The booklet highlights:


  • Why different aspects of observation and care are important
  • What to look for
  • What action to take


The actions are colour coded like traffic light system, providing a STOP LOOK CARE approach.


Sussex Health and Care Partnership recently launched an 18 month project to roll the Stop Look Care booklet across a small number of targeted care homes, NHS and Social Care providers and Voluntary Sector organisations within our local area.


The Stop Look Care booklet gained national recognition after winning a Nursing Times Award in 2018 in the category ‘Care of Older People’ and has been well received by home care providers, staff, service users and carers where it is in use.  We now want to take build on this success and introduce the booklet across a number of homes and other organisations to further support the delivery of high standards of care, support our caring workforce with the skills they need and above all support local residents who receive services to maintain their health and wellbeing.


The project has strong links to and is supported by Health Education England and Social Care workforce development teams across the Sussex Health and Care Partnership with a view to embedding training in the Stop Look Care model and its use across our local workforce.


Please use the link below to download a free copy of the Stop Look Care book.


We have also created a Stop Look Care Training resource kit, which is free to access and use.  Please click on each link to training and development resources as follows:


Stop Look Care Training presentation for Care Home Staff


Stop Look Care Training presentation for Care Home Managers / Senior Care Staff


Stop Look Care Training animation – Mr Mohammed


Stop Look Care Training animation – Mrs Burns


Stop Look Care posters for display in Care Homes


STOP LOOK CARE poster are u concerned


STOP LOOK CARE poster falls


STOP LOOK CARE poster Respiratory


STOP LOOK CARE poster Sepsis






The following are links to local and national websites that might be useful in relation to skills development for care workers and or resources and organisations to support caring:


For further information about the Stop Look Care Project, please contact the Stop Look Care project team on:  Please follow us on Twitter @stoplookcare1

Stop Look Care Booklet

The Stop Look Care Booklet is for use by clinicians, patients and the public.

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