What We Spend

The CCG controls the budget for NHS hospital and community health services across Brighton and Hove. We spend approximately £369 million pounds a year, with just under half of this amount spent on hospital services.

We publish an Annual Report at the end of each financial year, which includes our Annual Accounts. This gives a general overview of our spending, including out net expenditure and our financial position at the end of the financial year. 

We also publish a list of our expenditure over £25,000 each month.


Brighton and Hove CCG is responsible for shaping and designing the healthcare services that local people need, and then selecting the best providers to run them.

The process of commissioning a provider to run a service is called procurement.

You can find our Procurement Policy and Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy, as well as a list of Contracts following procurements by following the links.

Please follow the links for

Tendering and Contracting

Information on the CCG'S tendering and contracting can be found in section 13 of the Constitution.

NHS Funded Services

NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS Funded Nursing Care

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of care that is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals outside of hospital who have ongoing healthcare needs.  NHS Funded Nursing Care is specific nursing care provided to patients in care homes.  For more information on both Continuiong Healthcare and Funded Nursing Care, please see the Continuing Healthcare page.

Low Priority Procedures

Some procedures, know and Low Priority Procedures, are not routinely funded by the NHS.  You can find more information on the Low Priority Procedures page.