Our Governing Body

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Our Governing Body is made up of local GPs and other experienced health professionals.  

Our Constitution 

 and the Governing Body Terms of Reference (below) contain more information on how the Governing Body makes decisions and how Governing Body members are appointed.  We also publish information on individual Members of the Governing Body

The Governing Body meets in public every two months to discuss local health issues and make decisions. Members of the public and stakeholders are welcome to attend these. 

Meetings in public

We recognise that the people we serve are diverse, with a range of needs and from a range of backgrounds and we want to reflect this in our engagement approach. We offer translation and interpretation services, as required, at our main events alongside our commitment to supporting people to engage and providing information in alternative formats.

For dates of future Governing Body meetings please visit the Events page.

If you have any particular needs with regards to access or assistance when attending the meeting, such as wheelchair access or an induction loop, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. Unfortunately, if members of the public arrive after the meeting has already started it may not be possible for them to join the meeting. 

The Governing Body meeting is audio recorded to ensure the minutes of the meeting are as accurate as possible. The recording is used for no other purpose and is destroyed once the minutes have been completed.

At the end of meeting, all members of the public will be escorted back to the main entrance by a member of staff.


Members of the public are welcome to attend Governing Body meetings but should be aware that, although the meeting is held in public, it is not a public meeting. This means members of the public and press do not have speaking rights during the meeting but will be able to ask questions during a 15 minute session at the end of the meeting. 

Any questions or comments from the public should be related to an item on the agenda for that meeting and in respect of the role and responsibilities of the Governing Body.

Members of the public who ask questions will be asked to identify themselves and to declare any formal affiliations. Questioners will not be permitted to make statements. All questions should be asked through the CCG Clinical Chair who will direct them, as appropriate, to individuals for response. Other Governing Body members present can make a response if they wish through the CCG Clinical Chair. 

Each questioner will be allowed one question and one supplementary question. This can be extended at the discretion of the CCG Clinical Chair. The supplementary question must relate to the response to the original question. Questions that are defamatory, derogatory or otherwise offensive will not be permitted. 

The CCG Clinical Chair may decide that on occasions a written response to a question would be more appropriate and this will be provided with the minutes of the meeting. 

Any questions asked and responses given will be recorded and attached as an appendix to the minutes of the meeting. Questions and responses will also be posted on the CCG website with the minutes of the meetings. Questions that could not be fully answered at the meeting will also be included on the website together with the appropriate answer. 

A repeat of a question previously answered will not be permitted. Questions that should be answered through other means outside the meeting, such as complaints, medical negligence cases and matters that are subject to ongoing legal investigations, will not be permitted and will be passed to the relevant person in the CCG.

If you would like to submit a question please email BHCCG.participation@nhs.net  or call 01273 403661at least 3 days before the meeting with your name, contact details and question.

The CCG Clinical Chair has overall and final responsibility for the management of the question and answer session. 


Papers from meetings held over the last year are held on the Past Events Page.

If you require access to older papers, or would like papers in a different format, please contact us

We do not print copies of the papers. If you require printed papers please contact us by email or calll 01273 238700 and ask to speak to the governance team. 

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee

To enable the CCG to openly and transparently manage conflicts of interest that may arise as a result of the CCG’s co-commissioning responsibilities, the Primary Care Commissioning Committee was established.

Governing Body Members

You can find information about members of the Governing Body on the Governing Body Members page.

Governing Body Register of Interests

A key principle of our CCG is the openness and transparency we have between members of our Governing Body, our GP members and the local people we commission services for.

We maintain and publish a register of the members of the Governing Body which contains declarations regarding any interests that they have which could impact upon a decision to be made in the commissioning functions of the group.

Governing Body Meeting Terms of Reference

The Governing Body Meeting Terms of Reference are for sharing with patients and the public.

If you have any questions about this document, please contact us.