New CCG Chair Appointed

gp filling in form with patient in consulting room

Dr David Supple joins Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group this week as our new Governing Body Chair, following Dr Xavier Nalletamby's departure.

David will be dividing his time between the CCG and his ongoing role as a partner in a Brighton GP practice near Preston Park. David's clinical commitments include performing the role of Proactive Care GP for a group of four GP practices in the city - known as 'Cluster 3' within our local Proactive Care programme. GP clusters and Proactive Care are both key parts of the CCG and City Council's five-year health and social care integration plan

To read more about how Proactive Care is working to prevent frail and vulnerable people from being admitted to hospital unnecessarily, visit the Proactive Care website.

Dr Supple said: "Having been a local GP for 26 years I have a good working knowledge of local health and social care issues and feel very positive about the benefits of GP practices and local services working together across the city to ensure genuine integration of services and improved communication. I am confident that as a CCG we have the necessary attributes, including awareness of our developmental needs, to work with our local communities and make real progress.

"I am very much looking forward to working with CCG colleagues, member practices, local patients and community groups, inspired by our new premises at Hove Town Hall."

The CCG will be moving to Hove Town at the end of October - a move that will co-locate health service commissioners alongside adult social care and children's service commissioners and the city's Public Health team.