What's New?

Service changes and improvements 

Brighton and Hove CCG is supporting GP practices to improve the way they offer care to patients. For example, some practices are offering phone appointments to save you a trip to your surgery, and appointments with pharmacists who can help you with some conditions. Here is some information on new ways of working you may experience at your GP surgery:  

Telephone triage

Some practices now offer a phone appointment with a GP so that a doctor can talk to you about your condition and decide whether you need to come in to the surgery. This is called telephone triage. Data from local practices suggests that doctors are able to resolve 70% of cases over the phone, which saves time for them and for their patients. It also means less people go to the surgery and so less germs are spread around.  One GP using telephone triage says he hasn't had a cold since they started using the new system - so it has health benefits for general practice staff as well as for patients.

Health Online

Help with Health Information Online

If you would like to find out more about how to access health information and services using the Internet, please check out the Help with Health Information Online page.

Online sign-in

Some practices now have a computer screen in surgery waiting rooms for you to register your arrival. You may be asked to tap in some details, such as your date of birth and the first letter of your surname. This screen won't display any personal information about you. When you have tapped in these details, the system automatically tells the GP you have arrived for your appointment. It can also remind you to take a self-administered test, such as a blood pressure test, while you wait.  

Online appointments

Some practices now let you book appointments online. You can choose the doctor you want to see, and the date and time that's convenient for you. You may need a login to use this service. You can find details on your Practice's website. Please see the Our Member GP Practices page for links to practice websites.

Online repeat prescription requests

Some practice offer online repeat prescription requests, which lets you order a repeat prescription of your regular medicine using the internet.  You may need a login to use this service.  You can find details on your Practice's website. Please see the Our Member GP Practices page for links to practice websites.