Mental Health Information for Professionals Working with Children and Young People

In an emergency

Call 03003 040061 from 9:00-17:00 Monday to Friday

Call 03005 000101 at any other time

if a child is in immediate danger of suicide or having very bad mental health symptoms.

Information for professionals

This page is aimed at teachers, social workers and other professionals working with children. Please also see the Information for Clinicians on Children's and Adolescents' Mental Health page.

FindGetGive is a website where you can find information about mental health services and support available for people aged 25 and under in Brighton and Hove, including details on self-referral options.

Front Door for Families

The Front Door for Families is now the single point of access for services for children and young people provided by Brighton and Hove City Council.

You can find more information on the Brighton and Hove City Council website.

Wellbeing Service for Children and Young People

The Wellbeing Service provides NHS mental health treatment for children and young people.

You can find information on the Wellbeing Service on the Mental Health Page here.

Sussex Family Eating Disorder Service

You can find information on the Sussex Family Eating Disorder Service on the Mental Health Page here.

Specialist Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

You can find information on the Specialist Children's and Adolescent Mental Health Service on the Mental Health Page here.

Schools Wellbeing Service (formerly known as Community CAMHS)

Primary Mental Health Workers are based in schools in Brighton and Hove to help children and young people with mental health and emotional wellbeing.  The team links to the Community Wellbeing Service, and can be contacted via a young person's school.

Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEND)

For information on services for a child or young person with special educational needs and/or disability (SEND), please visit Brighton & Hove City Council's website here.