End Of Life Care

NHS Choices End of Life Care Guide

The NHS Choices End of Life Care Guide may be useful for people who are caring for someone who is dying, or for people who want to plan in advance for their own end of life care.

It explains what you can expect from end of life care, including palliative care to control pain and other symptoms and psychological, social and spiritual support.

You can also find information about your rights and choices, including refusing treatment, setting down your wishes for your future treatment, and how to give someone the legal right to make decisions for you if you are no longer capable.

The guide also contains information about talking to your family and carers about dying and about your wishes.

Make It Your Decision

Compassion in Dying has created the Make It Your Decision website to help people plan for their care at the end of life.  You can find more information on the Make It Your Decision website here

Planning Your Future Care

The information leaflet Planning Your Future Care is available in Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Punjabi and Urdu as well as English.

Let's Talk About Death and Dying

Age UK's leaflet to help people talk about death and dying with their family and friends is available on the Age UK website

The People Caring for You at Home - Their Roles Explained

The leaflet called 'The People Caring for You at Home - Their Roles Explained' gives details on professionals who work with people receiving end of life care in their own homes.  You can find this leaflet in the table below.


If you're caring for someone nearing the end of their life, you can find information on the Carers page

The People Caring for You at Home - Their Roles Explained


'The People Caring for You at Home - Their Roles Explained' is for sharing with patients and the public.

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