Take part in a survey

Surveys help us to find out the views of patients, carers and the public.  By taking part, you can help us to improve the NHS services we commission.

Future surveys will be linked here as they are launched.

Cancer Services Survey

If you have recieved cancer care we would like to hear from you about the care you recieved, both from your GP practice and in hospital.  You can find the survey at

Maternity Services Survey

We want to hear from women who have given birth or used their maternity services in the last three years, as well as their partners and families.  You can take part in a survey to tell the NHS how you found the experience of using the maternity services, both during and after the pregnancy; how you were supported, how much input you had, could you make important decisions yourself, what was good and any areas where you think there could be improvements.

The survey is anonymous and should only take about 15 minutes. The survey closes in mid-December.

Big Health and Care Conversation Survey

The Big Health and Care Conversation aims to talk to local people about what matters to them, and about our plans and priorities for the future.  You can take part in the Big Health and Care Conversation Survey by following the link.

Eye Health Services Survey

We are currently undertaking a transformation of our eye services in order to make sure patients recieve timely diagnosis, treatment and support.  It's really important to us to understand what you think about current servicese and how they might be improved.  You can take part in the Eye Health Services survey here.