Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

\banner in Preston Park Brighton showing details of patient participation group outdoor event

All the GP practices in Brighton and Hove have set up Patient Participation Group (PPG) or are working to set one up. PPGs are run locally by volunteer patients and practice managers and help strengthen the relationship between practices and their patients.

What is a Patient Participation Group?

PPGs are groups of patients who contribute ideas, feedback and suggestions directly to their GP practice.

They are run locally by volunteer patients and practice managers, and help strengthen the relationship between practices and their patients. 

How do they work?

Many PPGs run meetings at their practices.  

They also use email and social media to connect with members, so even if you are only an occasional user of your local surgery or cannot attend meetings, you will be able to share your views.

They also link to local groups and communities to make sure they hear the views of those who aren’t PPG members. 

PPGs also help make the views of patients are heard by other local health services. In Brighton and Hove, there is a city-wide PPG Network, with members from PPGs across the city.  The PPG Network is a forum for sharing information about PPGs and for feeding back on NHS services.

A member of the PPG Network sits on the CCG’s Participation and Communications Assurance Committee (PARC), which is a committee of our Governing Body. This helps ensure that the voice of patients is at the heart of the CCG’s decision making processes. 

How do I join my PPG?

If you would like to join a PPG, please contact your GP practice directly. 

What have local PPGs already done?

You can find out more about what local PPGs have done on the PPG Achievements page.  

I need resources to start or develop a PPG

You can find useful resources and links, including previous issues of the PPG Newsletter, on the Useful Resources for PPGs page

What PPG Events are happening soon?

Future PPG Events are listed on the PPG Events page

Feed back on the CCG Website

We're continually working to improve the CCG Website, and we'd like to hear what you think of the webpages for PPGs.  Please fill in our Survey to let us know what you think.