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Below you can find information on engagement work around specific services you can get involved with.

Our Health and Care ... Our FUTURE 

When the NHS Long Term Plan was published, we asked our communities about the areas they think that the CCG need to focus on to ensure services remain sustainable and right for patients.

Over the period February – April 2019, twelve public events were held across Sussex and East Surrey to hear and listen to the views of patients, the public, staff and stakeholders on the NHS Long Term Plan. Whilst the events were organised by the SES Engagement Team, they were also attended by Local Authority colleagues, and providers including GPs and members of NHS Trusts.

We also attended a number of local events to engage and communicate with the local population on the priorities and ambitions for the years ahead. In addition, an online survey provided opportunities to gather wider views and feedback. A summary of the engagement we have undertaken so far can be downloaded here.

These discussions built on what we have already heard through our Big Health and Care Conversation across the area, and helped us to think about how we use the available money for health and care in the best possible way: We can do anything, but not everything”.

Our discussions focused on the FUTURE of health and care:

Facing up to our challenges
Understanding need
Transforming services
Unwarranted variation – ensuring this does not happen
Resources and how we use them most effectively
Equality of access and care for our diverse population

Click here to download the summary report of our findings so far. Scroll down to the table at the bottom of this page to download the full report.


The NHS Long Term Plan

The NHS Long Term Plan sets out the priorities and ambitions for the years ahead to make sure the NHS continues to provide high quality care across the country:

We have been asking people we engage with to give us their views on priorities for health care, based on the key areas outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan:

  • Supporting people with long term conditions
  • Community and out of hospital care- integrated teams
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Maternity and children’s services
  • Dementia
  • GP (primary) care
  • Improving emergency care
  • Cancer
  • Digital solutions
  • Prevention

The outcomes of this exercise so far are outlined below; note that this is indicative only, and will not be used in isolation to prioritise NHS funding or service delivery.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about the Our Health Our Care Our FUTURE programme of work, including the NHS Long Term Plan and the STP Population Healthcheck.


NHS England Oversight Framework Patient and Community Engagement Indicator

NHS England and NHS Improvement recently published the updated NHS Oversight Framework for 2019/20.

The NHS Oversight Framework for 2019/20 has replaced the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (IAF) and the provider Single Oversight Framework, and will inform assessment of CCGs in 2019/20.

The ‘Patient and Community Engagement Indicator’ in the NHS Oversight Framework is formally known as ‘Indicator 52: Compliance with statutory guidance on patient and public participation in commissioning health and care – 166a’. The indicator evidences CCGs’ implementation of the revised statutory guidance on patient and public participation in commissioning health and care and therefore their compliance with their statutory duty to involve the public (14Z2).

The assessment framework and criteria for this indicator remain the same as for 2018/19. However, further to feedback from stakeholders including CCGs, NHS England and NHS Improvement colleagues, and other partners; a refreshed assessment process has been introduced for CCGs who have been approved to merge from April 2020.

NHS England and NHS Improvement has now published guidance to support CCGs with the evidence submission process for the indicator in 2019/20.


Brighton and Hove CCG are currently gathering evidence to submit to NHS england and will be engaging with the PPG Network to seek their views about our approach to public involvement.  The meeting takes place on 30th January. If you would like to provide feedback please email  BHCCG.CCG@nhs.net

Our Health and Care... Our Future phase 1 full report

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