Get Involved

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Get involved in the CCG's work

The CCG wants to make sure we put patients at the heart of everything we do; it's part of our vision for how we commission services. We want to encourage local patients and their carers to be involved in how services are shaped and improved, and to work alongside us to make changes happen.  You can contact the CCG's Engagement Team with the following details 
Call: the CCG's Head of Engagement, Jane Lodge, on 01273 238744

Act now

You can get involved in a number of ways:

You Said, We Did

To find out how your feedback and involvement has changed what we do, check out the You Said, We Did page.

See our Publications

Our public documents are available in the Publications section.

Patient and Public Participation Strategy

You can find the CCG's Patient and Public Participation Strategy on the Plans page.  

Patient and Public Participation Annual Report

Our Patient and Public Participation Annual Report is available on the Reporting page.

Find Health Services

Information about local health services is available in the My Health Services section of the Website