CCG progress reflected in NHS England ratings

The progress being made across the CCGs of Sussex and East Surrey has been reflected in the NHS England assurance ratings published this week. Every year, NHS England assess CCGs across the country on a set of criteria for CCGs as part of the Improvement and Assessment Framework. This year’s ratings have shown our CCGs have either improved or remained in a stable position compared to the previous year.

Adam Doyle, Chief Executive for the Sussex and East Surrey CCGs, said: “This progress reflects the hard work that has been undertaken to improve performance, quality and safety of services, governance, leadership and financial management, as well as the greater joined-up working we have been moving towards across our CCGs. We feel these ratings are a fair reflection of the improvement journey we are on and we recognise that there is still work to do in a number of areas that need further improvement.” 

A summary of the ratings is below which illustrates the improvement that has been made compared to the previous year: