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Your Medication

If you have questions about your medication, talk to your pharmacist.  You can find a pharmacy near you by using the search box on the home page of this website.

Green Bag scheme

People in Brighton and Hove are being encouraged to carry all their current medication in a specially designed plastic green bag if they have to go into hospital or a care home, or when they go to their community pharmacy for a medicines review appointment.

GP practices and pharmacies in the city are helping to identify patients most likely to benefit from having a green bag, including the frail elderly, while the Royal Sussex County Hospital is distributing the bags to patients on wards and to people who are being discharged from hospital.

This simple system has been introduced to help health professionals know what medicines an individual is taking at any given time. The aim is to reduce the risk of medicine errors and missed doses occurring as patients move between different health services during the course of their treatment.

For more information about the Green Bag scheme, please email Dr Carina Livingstone at 

Joint Formulary

You can find the Joint Formulary in the GP section of the CCG Website.

This is a list of medicines normally available to patients in Brighton and Hove, which the CCG maintains in line with guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).  

We work closely with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust and with NHS Lewes Havens High Weald CCG to maintain the Joint Formulary.