Past Events

The CCG holds events which members of the public are invited to attend and participate in.

Below, you can find a list of past events, along with links to the resources shared at these events.

For past events hosted by Patient Participation Groups with support from the CCG, please see the Past PPG Events page.

Governing Body Meetings

Past Governing Body meetings papers are held on the Governing Body Papers page.

Network Accelerator for Community Groups

The event was co-ordinated by Community Works in partnership with the PPG Network, and was an opportunity to:

Share experiences of working with a PPG
Exchange ideas of working on community projects.
Find out what other groups are doing across the city
Discover what support and opportunities are available to help develop PPGs further.

Working Together – Making sure our services work for you!

An iniial workshop on how we can make sure the NHS and Council provide equally as good services for people who are deaf; people who are hard of hearing; people who are deafened and people from within and across the Deaf Community, as it does for everyone else.

Hearing from Diverse Groups and Communities Event 

The CCG engages with a number of voluntary sector organisations to help us hear the views and experiences of seldom heard communities. The CCG recently held the Hearing from Diverse Groups and Communities Event  to showcase the work of these groups:

.  You can find the resources which were shared on the Hearing from Diverse Groups and Communities Event page.