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A Little Bit About Us

Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is led by a group of local doctors and nurses and brings together all GP practices in the city as CCG members.

Each GP member practice sits in one of three local member groups (West, Central and East) and each group elects a GP to represent its views on our Governing Body, supported by a practice manager, practice nurse and patient representatives.

We also have a network of patient participation groups (PPGs). PPGs are run locally by volunteer patients and practice managers and help strengthen the relationship between GP practices and their patients. PPGs contribute ideas, feedback and suggestions directly to their practices.

The CCG operates from Hove Town Hall and employs just over 100 members of staff across eight departments — medicines management, commissioning,quality, finance, corporate business, planning and delivery, continuing healthcare and primary care development.

We cover a geographical area of approximately 34 square miles and have the same boundaries as Brighton and Hove City Council, covering a patient population of approximately 300,000.

We buy secondary care health services from a range of provider organisations , either as a CCG or in collaboration with the partner organisations who work alongside us.

Please follow the links for information about what we spend, our organisational structure, and about working for us.